Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trifle Pudding

Anybody will like this pudding. Can be prepared with just a few mins however you got to wait a while to eat it....... I know its tempting and cant wait ;)

Serves for a small group.

Plain/ Pound cake - A few Slices (Can use any flavor of your choice)
Vanilla Custard - 2 cups (Prepare according to the directions on the pack)
Mixed Jam / Any jam of your choice - A few Tbsp
Any flavor Jelly - 1 Pack (Prepare according to the directions on the pack and cut into cubes after set)
Mixed Fruits plus add a little dry fruits if you like - 2 small Cups (Chopped to bite size - Can use bananas, apples, pears, grapes, mango,etc.)
Whipped Cream / cherry - As required (Optional)
Sugar - 1tbsp
Serving Glass bowls / shot glasses - 6 to 8No. (Depends on the serving size)

Put the cleaned and dry serving Glasses in the fridge, then start preparing the Custard.
I prefer to make jelly a day before your make the pudding.
Mix the chopped fruits with sugar and set aside.
If using Jam, Double boil the jam and take off, when it reaches liquid stage. Prepare this just before assembling.
Once the custard is at room temperature, mix the fruits to it and set aside.

Arranging the layers-
Now, take the serving glasses off the fridge, arrange the cake as the first layer. You can lay cake slices if using cups, for shot glasses crumble the cake.
Next,  lay the jelly / jam mixture.
Over it spoon the custard fruit mixture.
Wrap the plastic wrap over the bowls / glasses. Pop it in the fridge for about 30 to 45mins to set.
For serving, top it with Whipped cream & a cherry.