Monday, October 21, 2013


The sweet paneer is Sandesh. Its a simple sweet relish, famous in any sweet stalls in India. And now this simple recipe is here for you guys, enjoy!

Serves 6

Category - Dessert

Boil 500ml milk in a thick bottom pan and when it reaches its boiling point add 2tsp lemon juice, stir continuously till it thickens. Then add about 300 to 400g sugar and mix well, transfer the mixture to another deep dish thick bottom and put it on low flame. Cook till the mixture attains a smooth texture and paste like consistency. Grease a plate and pour the mixture.

All it to cool, cut to desired shapes and serve.

1) You can add a few drops of rose essence.
2) You can add a little powdered cardamom powder.

3) You can also add your desired food color.