Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moong Dal Kheer

Moong dal kheer is a popular dessert which is prepared on any auspicious day, in South India.

This kheer has no oil or ghee. Its not only tasty but also benefits the health too. This kheer when consumed reduces the internal excess heat and calms the mind.  People suffering insomnia can try consuming this kheer for a better results. People on weight watch too can enjoy this kheer.

Serves about 6 to 8 Cups

Moong Dal, Split - 1Cup
Cashew nuts - 20
Poppy seeds - 2tsp
Fresh Coconut - 1/4 Cup
Shredded Jaggary - 1Cup or more, adjust to taste
Mixed Nuts such as raisins, cashew nuts - A Couple of tablespoons + Ghee (Optional) / Coconut oil
A tiny pinch of salt

In a bowl soak cashew nuts and poppy seeds in warm water for 1 hour. Later add the same to a blender along with coconut, grind to smooth paste by adding water.

In a thick bottom deep pan, add the moong dal and dry roast for couple of minutes. The moong dal should not change its colour. Now add some water and allow the moong dal to cook, it must cook completely. Once the dal is cooked add the ground paste, salt along with jaggery. Cook on low flame for about 25 mins. (Add 1 cup water in between to adjust the consistency.)

You can serve it either way, hot or cold. Can be served plain or those who like nuts can follow the below process.

In a wok heat 2tsp ghee once melted add in the raisins and cashews. Sauté it to light golden brown. Transfer to a bowl. Top it on kheer before you serve.

1)You can add a little sweetened condensed milk and reduce the quantity of jaggary.
2)If you like elachi / Cardamon flavor then you can add a pinch of the same.
3)One can replace jaggary with light brown sugar.

NOTE - If any variations are followed, that may not be considered under weight watch except for elachi powder.

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