Monday, February 20, 2012

Apple halwa

I found this recipe through some source, its easy and delicious so thought I will share it with you all.
I further made a few changes to the original recipe for my convenience. This can be made for unexpected guests with less time.

Serves 4

Premium quality Red Apples - 3Nos. (Grated)
Sugar - 12 to 15tsp (As per your taste)
Almonds - 10Nos. (Chopped)
Cashew nuts - 25Nos.(Chopped)
Ghee - 4tbsp
Milk - 4tbsp
Salt - a pinch

In a wok heat the ghee, saute the chopped almonds n cashew for few mins, set aside leaving behind the ghee in the wok. Next add in the apples saute for 5 mins. Next add the milk n saute further for 10 mins.
Next add the sugar n a pinch of salt, saute till the mixture is set, lastly add the nuts.

Serve warm or cold :)

Variation - Add 3 to 4 cups milk instead of 4 tbsp, this way its apple kheer / pudding recipe.